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Jul 18, 2015

I’ve just received my contributor’s copy of Chiron Review. I had work published there years ago, when it was a newsprint publication. It’s now been reincarnated as a handsome perfect bound journal. (Also available in Kindle format.) Proud to have my poem Asphalt Dreams included, a poem I wrote when wanderlust hit me and I longed to just keep on driving east on the 10. Because it’s print I can’t direct you to the poem online, but here’s Chiron Review’s website.

The new issue of Red Paint Hill is up and running. It's a good-looking publication, including original art to accompany each poem. I’m delighted that two of my poems are included. Dinner is Served goes crazy in the kitchen. Ducks is just for fun. Both poems are from my as yet unpublished manuscript, Flour, Water, Salt.

Dinner is Served!issue-7-ruth-bavetta/c5q8


Jun 13, 2015

Dead in a Ditch!  That got your attention?

The new issue of IthacaLit has two of my poems, Dead in a Ditch and Traveling. I wrote Dead in a Ditch recently for Flour, Water, Salt, my in-progress book of food-related poems. Traveling is from quite a few years ago, during my bout with cancer. You can read them here:

See me, hear me! Last year Kentucky Review published my poems, A Song on the End, The Joy of Cooking and Elegy for My Mother.  Now they've added videos of me reading them.

Scroll down a bit, click on the name of the poem, and then poke the arrow to wake me up.

Here's one of my visual poetry pieces, The Making of History, an amalgam of image and word. Thanks to Rattle for posting this on Facebook. Do click on the image and then click on the next image. That way you can see what the piece really looks like, and read a bit about it. Claesz

Silver Birch Press has published my poem, Red Silk Heart in their “Me as a Child” series.  You can read it here:  True story. What can that guy have been thinking? He was only 13, too. I’ll bet his mother put him up to it. I was totally embarrassed.

Fox Adoption Magazine has published my poem, How to Get to My House.  Those of you who know me well, will know that this was written before I left Redlands. You can read it here: 

Petrichor Machine - A literary magazine for people who love words. Their latest edition is now out, and it includes my poem, Full Circle. The is a print publication so you can’t read it online, but here’s a link to the journal:

Petrichor: {PET-ri-kuhr} The distinct and pleasant smell of rain on previously dry earth.
Machine: {muh-SHEEN} A mechanical apparatus or contrivance, consisting of interrelated parts with separate functions

That’s it for now.



May 02, 2015

Fox Adoption sure is an interesting name for a literary magazine, isn’t it?  They’ve recently  published three of my poems  Those of you who know me well will realize I wrote How to Get to My House some time ago.  I’m so glad it’s found a home.

Tickled to report that Fox Adoption reports that my poem "Men in Bed" has been the most viewed piece on their website.  Check it out for yourself?

Rain. It's what's on everyone's mind here in California. Wow, do we need it. I'm happy to have my poem, Precipitation, written several years ago, also published by Fox Adoption.

Mar 02, 2015

I’m going to be reading in Riverside on March 5.  Anyone here within hailing distance?  I’d love to see you!  Easy to find, it's upstairs in the Riverside Public Library in downtown Riverside.  3581 Mission Inn Avenue, Riverside, CA.  7:00 pm

Feb 15, 2015

Sometimes the best way to find out if an online pub has put up your work is to google yourself. If Ilya's Honey ever sent me a notice that these had gone live, I didn't find it

The first is about a lot of the stuff I knocked myself out doing when I was younger. The second about my dismal attempts to become bilingual.

Shinnying up my Life

I Love You, Where Are You, Let’s Go to Bed


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